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Our story begins in the early 90's!

Abdul was responsible for opening the first Indian restaurant in Moreton in Marsh. After twenty successful years of business Abdul decided it was time to throw in the towel and head towards the sunset with an early retirement. Abdul's son decided to take on the family business and immediately chose redesign and refresh the establishment. 


The premises, previously known to Moreton as “Hassans Balti”, has now been taken over by Abdul’s son Mifta, where he has now  taken it forward into a completely new direction.

Through research, Mifta and his team listened to feedback from the local community, and identified a niche in the market -

Moreton doesn't need another Indian

and we couldn’t agree more! 

This is where the idea of Hassans Grill & Kitchen was born.

The menu features a diverse selection of items and cuisines from all corners of the globe. Most notably gourmet burgers, shakes, waffles, kebabs, curries and noodles amongst other influenced dishes. With limited options in our small town, we wanted to open a place that could cater to all ages, tastes and needs, thus the diversity!


Our key concept is diversity and our main aim is to offer the community and visitors a place to meet, greet and eat.


We have taken influences and inspiration from cuisines such as American, Chinese, Indian and Turkish and combined them to offer a place with exceptional variety and diversity. 

You'll also be relieved to know that Hassans Grill & Kitchen has not forgotten its roots either.  There will still be an Indian focused section on the menu, retaining some of Abdul’s greatest recipes and dishes.


Freshness and creativity are key themes behind Hassans Grill & Kitchen.

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